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Let people know what you do

A vinyl wrap is the most effective use of your marketing budget - a one time cost that produces leads forever. Create thousands of valuable impressions for your business daily. Our in-house design team will turn your vehicle into a rolling billboard. We specialize in commercial vinyl wraps. Everything from simple sticker kits to full wraps - whatever your business needs!

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Full Color Change

Apex Wraps can change the entire look of your vehicle so that it's a completely custom rolling billboard. With our state of the art shop we can do one vehicle or your entire fleet!

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Partial Wrap with Decals

A partial wrap is an economical way to transform your vehicle without having to wrap the entire surface area. If it's designed properly, a partial wrap can be just as impactful as a full wrap at a fraction of the cost.

Decals & Sticker Kits

The most time and cost efficient way to brand your vehicle is a decal. With our state of the art plotter we can add literally any size and shape graphic you need to any part of your vehicle.

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Printing & Plotting

We're equipped with 2 of the newest HP Latex printers, Summa S2 plotter to cut decals with precision and a CWT Tools laminator to protect our work as well as add a gloss, satin or matte sheen. Come check out our shop to learn more about our commercial wrap capabilities. 

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Window & Wall Wraps

From entire wall wraps for your conference room to perforated window wraps that you can barely notice from the inside, we can create and install signage in every facet of your company.

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The expected length of time that your vehicle wrap will look brand new.


The average number of DAILY impressions your commercial wrap will get.

$500 YR

Approximate advertising budget for your commercial wrap.

Some of our clients:

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